Life Edit

“Sara truly has been an amazing asset in branding my business, helping me map out my business goals and the steps necessary to accomplish them. I tend to operate from a place of pure inspiration in the moment and sometimes that can be messy/overwhelming, making it hard for me to translate what is in my head into action. Sara has a way of capturing my passion and turning it into actionable and organized steps that have helped to grow my business in new ways I never really considered. All of this without sacrificing my authenticity. She has also consistently been a supporter and uplifter in my moments of doubt. She never ceases to push everyone around her to their full potential in a loving way. Thinking outside of the box, and finding the unique traits in a business comes second nature to her. Not only is she an expert in business and branding, but a true confidant and friend. I’m endlessly grateful for her and her team.”
Virginia Richardson
Life Edit, Founder