A 21-Day Detox Ritual for entrepreneurs and high-performance individuals

Next Group Detox start dates: Jan 2th, Jan 6th & Jan 13th.

This Detox-n-Reset Ritual redefines mental and physical habits and patterns so you can feel like yourself again!


An energy and mindset shift.


As entrepreneurs and high-performance individuals, we tend to put ourselves last. Over-performing comes with its set of unique pressures. It means you shoulder personal risk, work longer hours, encounter high stress and often put yourself last. I started coaching this specific program in 2013 as a “side passion project” but the more I work with leaders as a business consultant, the more I realize the need to have an accountable partner to put your health first.

I am here to help you succeed. It is my job to communicate expectations and keep you accountable to your goals and aligned with your truth. I will not simply let you disappear, but instead will lovingly remind you of the many reasons you deserve to live your best life. For questions, please email


The 21-Day Detox Program is a blend of natural supplements, seasonal and anti-inflammatory eating and other detoxifying activities for a balanced and clear self. You will be guided through routines and rituals to create a healthy vessel for the mind, heart, and spirit to reside. The end goal isn’t about weight loss. This one is for the seeker who wants to feel his or her best, be radiant, learn about the self and build healthy lifestyle habits.

What's Included

1/ One-on-one Pre-Detox Consultation

2/ A 21-day Detoxification Kit Supplements (capsules)

3/ Emails and Personalized Guidance

4/ Access to all my Detox Resources including Detox-Friendly Recipe Ideas, Day to Day Detox Guide, Tools on How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle, etc.

5/ Detox bath: An ideal calming bath to help release the toxins you are working hard to rid your body and mind of during your detox.

6/ Tongue Scraper

7/ Dry/Wet Brush

8/ Facial Steam

9/ Facial Clay Mask

10/ Detoxifying Body Scrub

11/ Detoxifying Tea


– Increase in energy.

– Boosts mental clarity.

– Weight loss.

– Clear skin.

– The digestive tract will rid itself of accumulated waste.

– Liver, kidneys and blood are purified for better functioning.

– Diminished cravings of habit-forming substances (refined sugar, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol).

– Cleanses the palette.

– Bad eating habits are easily broken.

– The stomach has a chance to return to its normal size.

Who Should Participate

The only way that toxins are eliminated from the body is through the natural processes of detoxification, which occurs through the skin by perspiration, through the colon by evacuation, through the kidneys by urination, and through the lungs by respiration.


– Fatigue/lack of energy

– Digestive problems

– Irregularity

– Cravings or addictions

– Headaches

– Allergies, hay fever, asthma

– Low resistance to illness and infection

– Mental confusion, absentmindedness, poor concentration, indecision*

– Mood swings, anxiety, depression, irritability*

– Overweight/underweight*

– Insomnia, restless sleep or difficulty relaxing/stress*

– Painful inflammation (joints, muscles, sinuses, intestines)*

– Yeast infection*

– Strong desire for sugar, beer, breads*

– Skin disorders (acne, psoriasis, etc.)

– Male or female problems

– Eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia, excessive appetite)

– Low resistance to illness and infection

– Weakness, shakiness, poor muscle tone, muscle soreness or spasm

– High alcohol consumption

– High caffeine consumption

– Smoking

*Indicates candida may be present. If that’s the case avoid all fruit and mushrooms.


The full cleanse lasts 21 days:


–  Days 1-2 eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables

– Days 3 through 5 – fast + sugar balancing lemonade. I’ve done it multiple times, nothing to be scared of here!

– Day 6-7 eat whole grains, fruits and vegetables

– Day 8-9 pretty much go back to normal. Add eggs, poultry, fish, yogurt, etc

– Days 10-21 add nuts, seeds and other sensible foods.

In addition, throughout the days you will be prompted to use the different detoxification tools such as baths, scrubbing, facials, etc.






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    “In my mother’s famous words, ‘Lo Primero Es La Salud’ (the first thing is health)” ~ Sara

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