Let’s get to know each other

Understanding My Role

I am both a business consultant and a business coach.


Both consultants and coaches are paid fees rather than salaries. Neither is an employee of the business. The primary difference is in approach and focus.


Coaches are focused on individuals, consultants on processes, teams, or another aspect of the business. In both roles, I offer a fresh, outsider’s perspective on the business that can be invaluable on its own or in tandem.

As a proud first generation Peruvian immigrant, I credit my heritage, above all, with the strongest lasting effect on my personal ethos. An unwavering sense of family, scrappy and ingenious work ethic, and intuitive understanding of the human spirit that only the weary upbringing of a third world nation can provide, all tenets of my youth in Peru. These early life experiences laid a foundation and became the common thread in the beginnings of a multi-faceted career spanning the fields of consulting, industrial engineering, real-estate and culinary arts.

Earning a unique skill set across contrasting fields further instilled a sense of commonality in my passions both personal and professional. Whether fostering community through cooking or empowering entrepreneurs and their brands through consulting, common threads began to become apparent. The hope to understand what drives people and brings community together became the ultimate passion that wove itself through different career paths and provided a platform to stand on in service of humanity, as an uplifter. By recognizing the common threads that run through the unique, and diverse skill sets I’ve had the honor to develop; the ability to embrace and utilize each individual skill set as a way to inform the others, became my most important tool.   


I was born and raised in Lima, Peru and came to the US in 2000 to obtain my Masters Degree in International Business Management after earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. I’ve also obtained various business certifications and accreditations over the years. Even though I value education tremendously, I don’t believe my degrees alone qualify me to provide business advice. Education provided me with critical thinking skills and a great ability to solve problems, but what qualifies me as an expert Business Consultant is the life and business experience I have gained along the way.



– Degree in Industrial Engineering – University of Lima

– Masters in International Business Management  – Lynn University

– Entrepreneur since 2000


In 2005 my husband and I founded our Business Consulting & Brand Strategy Agency: Purpl. Through our agency I’ve had the privilege of working with businesses and entrepreneurs in nearly every industry. We have served 300+ companies since the mid-2000’s, and while I continue to love my role as a brand strategist with Purpl., I have made it my personal mission to help entrepreneurs find their truth and make it their business in every sense of the word. By unapologetically stepping into their truth and creating a business, they find love by utilizing their unique gifts to share their message with the world and live a fulfilled life.


Let’s rewind the clock a bit… In the 90’s while studying to earn my BA I worked on the side as a university math tutor assisting students with geometry, trigonometry and physics. Then after graduating worked in management at an engineering firm in Lima, Peru before coming to the United States in 2000. While waiting to begin by MBA studies I furthered my education by enrolling in architectural drawing, Microsoft and Adobe classes. My inner geek for higher learning, numbers and systems has always been alive and well within me, and this phase of life was no exception.


After graduating I was offered a job at a real estate company in Fort Lauderdale to serve as a marketing and operations manager. This path ultimately led me to an opportunity to work in luxury real estate with Sotheby’s International Realty in Miami, Florida. Our small team sold and marketed luxury waterfront residences in neighborhoods throughout South Florida and the Virgin Islands such as Indian Creek Village, considered to be one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the world. The first ever luxury real estate reality show Million Dollar Agents which aired on TLC was inspired by our team’s success and created to highlight our day-to-day activities. After Sotheby’s I worked at a boutique Commercial Real Estate company in Miami Beach and finally co-founded Purpl. in 2005. Since then I have consulted brands and invested into various businesses. Some business risks have paid off and some have not, but it’s all been a part of my education and has assisted me in helping others in more authentic and meaningful ways.


By the world’s standards I don’t fit in a box, but truly who does? I love branding, business, and strategy as much as I love cooking, home-stuff and traveling. I believe love can be used in every situation but I’m honest and direct. I’m unusually productive and rarely get overwhelmed. I am a servant at heart and a believer that when we give from a place of love and generosity (not fear), individuals and businesses flourish.


1. Experience

At 44 years of age, I can confidently say I have walked the walk. I have truly paid my dues and can speak to real-life experiences. I have failed and succeeded. So my insight will help you avoid making costly mistakes and increase your chance of success immensely.


2. A “Bright-Side” Attitude

Having a great attitude is a choice and can also come with time and experience. I have been through it all — and have come out the other side seeing how a sense of humor can go a long way in business. There is always light at the end of the tunnel (aka. the big picture). I promise to be patient, but also persistent and determined with you.


3. Willing to share

I was once told by a mentor, “the more I teach you, the more I am forced to learn so I can have something else to teach”. I am willing to openly share all of my experiences (the good, the bad and the ugly) with you.


4. Network

I am proud of the connections and friendships I have built along the way. When appropriate I am willing to open my little black book to you.


5. Expectations & Accountability

I am here to help you succeed. It is my job to communicate expectations and keep you accountable to your goals and aligned with your truth. I will not simply let you disappear, but instead will lovingly remind you of the many reasons this world needs that special gift only you have to offer.